Conducting Employment Interviews – Hiring How To

Recruiting the right candidates is one of the most critical responsibilities of senior management. If an organization does not have high-caliber people, it will be difficult to meet its goals.

Unfortunately, many companies do not give the process of identifying and hiring top performers the importance it deserves.

Consequently, they risk getting saddled with incompetent staff who become a drag on business performance. A well thought-out interview process is crucial to pinpoint the most suitable candidates.

These are a few points that can be used to make the interview procedure productive and one that results in helping to find the best hires.

Do you have clarity about your requirements?

Ideally, you should have a job description in place. This will help you frame your questions so that they cover all aspects of the candidate’s proposed role in your company. Does the person you are interviewing have the knowledge and experience to fill the vacant job in your firm? Has the candidate handled similar work for previous employers?

A job description can be invaluable in the interview process. It will help those conducting the interview to frame their questions so that they can establish that the candidate has the required skills and experience.

Prepare for the interview

A good rule of thumb to follow is to spend twice as many hours preparing for the interview as you will in the actual meeting with the candidate.

Does the resume include details about your prospective employee’s entire work history? If there are gaps, you need to find out the reason.

The resume will list achievements, completed projects and various other details related to the job that the prospective employee has done in previous roles. It will be useful to frame questions around these to see how confidently the candidate answers them.

Don’t rush the interview

Give the candidate adequate time to reply to your questions.

It is a good idea to remain silent for a moment after an answer has been supplied. This may prompt the person being interviewed to volunteer further information.

It is also useful to ask questions like, “How did you do that?” or “What were the reasons?” at the end of the answers given to you.

This will provide the candidate with an opportunity to furnish further details.It will also show that you are actually listening to what is being said and that you are interested in the responses being given to you.

Check for behavioral skills

Technical knowledge and relevant experience are not enough to ensure success in a job. The interview should reveal if the candidate will fit into your company’s culture.

The person you are considering should have the capability of getting along with co-workers. An absence of people skills or the inability to work in a team is a deal-killer and you should ask specific questions that help reveal these traits.

It is advisable to reject those who are not team players, regardless of their technical skills or expertise

Give the interview the importance it deserves

Remember that the interview is a two-way process. While you are asking questions, the candidate is forming an impression about the company.

The best people will join only if they think that the company is a great place to work. Lastly, don’t forget to inform those who do not get the job about your decision.

It is the fair thing to do and it will serve to enhance your company’s reputation.

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