How to Avoid a Layoff

No matter where you work or what type of job you have, your company can always be at risk of layoffs. Sometimes layoffs are made known well in advance, but in many cases, employees don’t hear about them until the very last minute. It is not always easy to find new employment, which is why it is important to take steps to try and minimize your risk of being laid off. In most cases, employers will look at different aspects of their employees to identify who they want to lay off, so it is well worth taking action to help protect yourself. These are some ways you can reduce your risk of a layoff. Good Attendance and Time Keeping When selecting for redundancy, most employers will look at the general attendance and timekeeping of their staff. If you’re frequently off sick or you run in late a lot, you will be more at risk than those who are punctual and reliable. If layoffs are not an issue at the moment and your reliability isn’t the best, it might be time to sort it out. Positive Attitude Within any workplace, there are always people who will manage to bring down the whole workforce. They usually complain all the time, may frequently sigh and generally just give out bad vibes. If you want to avoid a layoff, make sure you have a positive attitude and a positive effect on your colleagues. Everyone has outside problems at times but leave them at the door when you go to work. Work Hard If you put yourself in the shoes of your employer and it was your business, what would you want from your employees? You would expect them to get on with their job and at least meet your expectations. If you are missing deadlines in work and not fulfilling your duties, you will be one of the first at risk from a layoff. If you want to avoid this happening, work as hard as you can while you are there, even if you want to completely forget about it the minute you leave. Get Involved Employers are not just looking for someone who sits on their own and gets on with their work, they also want employees who are engaged and willing to get involved in different aspects of the role. If you want to put yourself ahead of the others; get involved in tasks out with the scope of your job, such as undertaking presentations and business development. The more willing you are to get involved, the more likely your employer will value you and will be keen to retain you in the business. Team Work Many employees go to work, carry out the requirements of their role and that’s it. Those who actively help their colleagues, stand out a mile. If you want to keep your job, show how valuable you are to the business and how much you muck in and help others out. If you finish your work for the day, ask others if they need a hand with anything. Ensure you take your turn answering phone calls and offer advice if anyone is struggling. Those who take actions like this are the ones who become indispensable to the business.

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