How to Find Companies with Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible working is important to many people for different reasons, but it is something that can be difficult to broach during a job interview. If flexible working arrangements are important to you, it is worth taking time to consider why and what you are looking for. In doing this, you are then prepared for finding out which companies offer these kinds of arrangements. These are some ways of finding companies with flexible work arrangements. Company Website If you take a look at the company website, you might find some information on flexible working arrangements and whether these are in place. If you look at the careers section and the job descriptions, you will probably find out more about the working arrangements. Some companies will mention whether they allow working from home or other flexible working, while others may not, as they might not want to encourage it. Online Research You can find out more about companies with flexible working arrangements by searching online. If ‘flexible working’ is mentioned in the job description or the advert, this should pull through by searching on Google. Ask Connections It may also be worth asking current employees at the company for more information on their working hour’s arrangement, if you have connections. If not, you may want to use LinkedIn and ask one of your connections to introduce you, if there is a link between the two. Many companies won’t actively promote flexible working, but will be willing to consider it if means getting you on board. Subtle Questions There is always the chance to ask subtle questions during the application process. If there are set hours, you may want to ask the recruiter if there is any flexibility. If the working arrangements are rigid and it doesn’t suit you, there is no point in going through the rest of the process. If there is some flexibility, this is something you can explore later at the interview stage. It is important that you don’t just focus on flexible working during the initial call as it may seem that it is the only aspect you care about. Try to be subtle about it, as much as you can. Be Honest If you are invited to interview, this is the time to be honest and upfront with the employer about your need for flexible working. If this is make or break for you, it is important to bring it up. It would be advisable to wait until the end of the interview though, as if they like you, they may be willing to look at different options. If you bring it up straight away, it could put the interview off track. Make sure you explain your reasons for flexible working. For example, you may have childcare issues and be prepared to offer them an alternative. For example, you can only work 3 days out of 5, but you are able to work from home on the other days, or work condensed shifts. In this way, they will know it’s not just because you can’t be bothered

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