How to Find Recruiters in your Niche

Job searching can be challenging; particularly if you work in a specialized niche. It is important to be as pro-active as you can when looking for work and one way to do this is by finding recruiters who work in your niche. If you build strong relationships with recruiters, you can really maximize your efforts as they tend to have access to jobs that you may never find online. Many headhunters won’t advertise jobs; they will identify suitable candidates by searching online, such as through social media platforms. Recruiters may have an opportunity which is ideal for you but if you don’t track them down, you may never find out about it. It is important to find recruiters in your niche who will be able to support your job search. Use Your Connections We tend to build connections both in the workplace and online, which can prove to be useful when trying to find recruiters in your niche. It is worthwhile making contact with your connections to find out if they have any recommendations. You may find that some senior managers you have in your network will be able to provide you with a list of recruiters who will be useful for your search. You might also obtain some recommendations of the best recruiters to use, which will mean you can implement a more targeted approach with your job hunting. Online Search If you use specific keywords top search online, you should be able to find recruiters who are hiring in your niche. LinkedIn is useful for this as you can search using specific keywords and job titles. Job sites are also worth employing for this purpose, as you can search via your niche and make contact with any relevant recruiters. Compile a List There are hundreds of recruitment agencies out there and they all have specific niches which they specialize in. In order to get as much information on recruiters in your niche, you could always compile a list of recruitment agencies and contact them to find out if they are recruiting in your niche. If in doubt, contact the recruiters directly and ask if they specialize in your niche or if you know which recruiters can help with your search. Contact Companies You can always pick up the phone and ask businesses in your niche who their recruiters are. Most businesses will either have in-house recruiters, which will make it a lot easier or they will probably be willing to give you information on recruiters they use. Visit Career Fairs Career fairs have companies from a range of niches and as the representatives will usually play a part in recruitment, you will be getting right to the source by attending these. Career fairs are usually held throughout the year, so it is worth keeping an eye out for the next one close to you. You can find out a lot of information from recruiters at career fairs so this is the best place to get yourself noticed.

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