How to Identify Industries That Are Hiring

Whether you are struggling to find suitable opportunities in your current industry or you are looking for a career change, it can be difficult to gain an understanding of which industries are the most common for recruitment. Every industry is different; some rarely recruit while others are constantly recruiting, so it is important to understand what these are. These are some ways to identify industries that are hiring. Identify Skillset The first point to consider is what sort of skills you have and what industries these may be suitable for. You should also think about what areas you are interested in. If you are looking for a change, you might want to think about the industries where your skills will be transferable. For example, there are some skills quantity surveyors possess which may be transferable to the financial industry; including managing budgets and saving money. If the industry you currently work in are not recruiting and you are looking for an alternative or you just want to change career, you will find that some of your skills are suitable for other industries. Search Online When you have identified industries you would like to work in, you can search job sites to find out which of these are hiring. There are many job sites online and this can give you a better understanding of the number of opportunities in specific industries. Recruitment Agencies If in doubt, ask the experts. Recruitment agencies deal with a number of vacancies at any given time and will be able to advise you on which industries are hiring. They may also offer advice on which industries are suitable based on your experience and will be able to assist in your job search. It is important not to rely purely on recruitment agencies though, as they deal with a number of candidates, so won’t be able to focus on your search alone. When looking for suitable roles, you should be proactive and also make use of as many sources as possible. Connections You might be able to obtain a better idea of which industries are hiring by speaking to your connections. LinkedIn is a good source for this and by speaking to those who work in the fields you are interested in, you will be able to find out more about those which are hiring. If you don’t currently have connections in this field, you may want to try and identify these and aim to speak to those who are involved in the hiring process, including hiring managers or recruiters. Career Fairs Career fairs have employers from all different industries, so these are a good place to look to find out which are hiring. The representatives at career fairs will usually be involved in recruitment in some way, so they will be able to offer advice on what sorts of roles they are hiring for. The more information you can find at career fairs, the better prepared you will be when applying for jobs and looking for a suitable career.

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