How to Quit a Job

No matter how you feel about your job or your employer, quitting a job is never an easy thing to do. Many people feel anxious about telling their boss they want to quit, but it is important that you handle it in a professional manner. It is highly likely that you will need your employer to give you a reference for your next job or at least one in the future, so leaving on bad terms is not a good idea. These are some actions to take when you are ready to quit your job. Speak to Your Boss The first thing to do is to arrange a formal meeting with your boss to let them know you are preparing to quit. If there are specific aspects which have caused you to leave, you should be open to discussing them with your boss. It may be the case that they want to retain you and might be prepared to look at ways to do this. Give Notice It is important that you give adequate notice to your employer, at least the time period specified in your contract. It is common courtesy to do this, as your employer will need time to find someone else to fill your position. If you have already found alternative employment, your new employer would expect this to be the case and will usually be open to keeping the job until you are ready to start. Write a Formal Letter Quitting a job is a formal process and whether or not you have discussed this with your boss, you should also write a letter. The letter doesn’t need to go into any detail, it is just a statement to let them know you are leaving and when you will be finishing up. Exit Interview If you are asked to take part in an exit interview, it is a good idea to be open to doing this. Exit interviews are useful for employers as it gives them information on why employees leave and can help them improve in the future. It is important to be honest during this process, but not to make accusations or blame people for your decision. You never know if you might want to return in the future, so it is important to leave on a good note. Your exit interview should be to the point but also give the company useful insight into your reasons for quitting. Ask for a Reference You will probably need a reference from your employer at some stage or another and this is the perfect opportunity to ask for one. It can be difficult to obtain a reference later on as people come and go from organizations, and this can be detrimental for securing work in the future. It is also a good idea to ask for a recommendation for your LinkedIn page. The longer time passes after you leave, the less willing or able your boss will be to give you the reference. It is a good idea to ask at this stage, while your performance is still fresh in their memory.

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