How to Work a Career Fair

If you are looking for a job, it is essential to explore as many avenues as possible. Searching online for jobs and registering with agencies are just a couple of options, but there are also a lot of benefits to attending a career fair. Careers fairs are events which employers attend to attract candidates to apply for their jobs. They will provide information about the organization and will take time to find out more about job seekers. In some cases, employers may even offer candidate’s an interview. It is important, therefore, to work a career fair in the most effective way possible. These are some actions to take to maximize the benefits of attending a career fair. Preparation Careers fairs are busy places and most employers will want to take contact details from you or a resume. You should make sure you take your resume along with you, as well as any business cards you may have. It is also important to make a good impression, so as tempting as it is to wear your casual clothes, always wear smart attire. These companies are recruiting so they are on the lookout for candidates and if you look professional, you will have a better chance of gaining interest from employers. Introduce Yourself Most employers will provide leaflets and other information on the company but if you want to successfully work the career fair, you should make sure you introduce yourself to the representatives. You are more likely to stick in the mind of the employer if you do this. Most representatives will remember you if you have made an impression, so make sure you are confident and enthusiastic in your approach. Ask Questions The career fair is the one opportunity to ask the employer any questions you have face to face, so take advantage of it. The more knowledge you have of the company, the better equipped you will be to decide if they are right for you. Asking questions will also show that you have an interest in the company, which may impress the employer. You may also want to get contact details for the recruiter, so you can email them with any questions you have after you leave the career fair. Follow Up Most candidates won’t follow up with employers after a career fair, although they will often apply for jobs via their website. If you take the time to follow up, you will stand out from the crowd. You may want to send them a note to thank them for taking the time to speak to you and to reaffirm your interest. It is important to be persistent without being annoying, especially in competitive industries. There is no harm in following up with your application to check the status. It is much more difficult to ignore a candidate who is persistent than those who just wait for a call and this will show you have a lot of interest in the company. However, don’t be tempted to call or email every day as this will just end up putting the employer off.

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