Top 4 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Becoming an entrepreneur takes a specific type of personality. Fortunately, it’s the type of personality you can develop by working on yourself, growing, and learning how to express these traits. Focus on the four top traits below and you’ll find yourself ahead of the pack. An entrepreneur is a problem solver An entrepreneur looks at a problem and knows it’s an opportunity. That’s not a cliché talking. A problem is literally an opportunity to get paid if you can be the one to solve it. Successful entrepreneurs make their name identifying problems without solutions, and providing those solutions. Every good product solves some sort of problem. Even video games solve a problem-they provide a way for people to unwind after a stressful day and fulfill a fantasy. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, your natural response to any given problem should always be to ask yourself how you can solve that problem. Not who is to blame, not how that problem came to be-just how the problem can be solved. Problem-solving becomes a habit. As you become alert to problems with no solutions, you become alert to new ways to create, grow, develop, and innovate new products. If you can marry this alertness to calculated action you will develop the instincts that you need to be an outstanding entrepreneur. An entrepreneur takes calculated risks Risk-adverse people don’t make very good entrepreneurs-but neither do extremely reckless people who leap first and look later. Real entrepreneurs evaluate their potential risks. They also know how to minimize the risks they need to take through hard work, dedication, and strategic planning. When a risk goes bad an entrepreneur doesn’t waste a lot of time looking for someone to blame. Instead a true entrepreneur analyzes what went wrong, learns from it, and moves on. An entrepreneur is self-motivated This is about more than simply being your own boss. This is about more than simply being able to get up in the morning and get to work. An entrepreneur is always capable of seeing a tomorrow that’s just a little bit better than today. He’s not satisfied to just sit on his laurels and enjoy the fruits of his success. He’s constantly looking forward-creating plausible plans to create more opportunities and find his next point of success. An entrepreneur is also willing to push himself. Last year’s success was fine, but this year’s success should reflect his growth. He’s always coming up with some new project and looking for ways to make that project succeed.An entrepreneur is confident There’s not much room in the business world for self-doubt. Fear can make you back away from projects that could be the key to your ultimate success. Furthermore, the entrepreneur has to be in the business of convincing other people that his ideas are good. Partners, investors, financing, creative structuring-it all depends on the entrepreneur’s ability to convince other people that they’re making a good bet when they team up with him. If the entrepreneur isn’t sure about himself, how can anyone else be sure of him?

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