What to Say When a Recruiter Calls

Whether you are actively looking for a new role or you are happy where you are, it is important to handle recruiters in the right way. If a recruiter calls and asks to speak to you about a role they have, it is always worth listening to them and being open-minded about new opportunities.

You never know what you might be turning down if you instantly just dismiss the recruiter.

These are some things to say when a recruiter calls you to discuss an opportunity.


It is important to express your gratitude to the recruiter, even if you are not interested in the role they have. You never know when your situation might change in the future and you may find that you need their assistance again. If you show you are grateful and thank them for taking the time to consider you, they will be more open to contacting you again in the future.

It is always worth expressing that even though you are not presently looking for a job, you would be open to hearing about any new opportunities. If you are on the market and are interested, it is important to thank the recruiter for calling you, as this will make you stand out and will leave a positive impression.


The last thing any recruiter wants to deal with is a candidate who sounds like they are being forced to take the call, it does not instill a lot of confidence in what their attitude would be like in the workplace.

It is important to be enthusiastic during your conversation with the recruiter, particularly if it is a role you are really interested in. Recruiters want to make sure they are hiring the right people, as their reputation is at stake.

They won’t progress candidates who sound like they have no energy or drive.

Be Honest

The initial call is the best time to be honest about your situation, as it saves time spent in the process if there are any hurdles which might prevent you securing the job. For example, if the role requires a drivers license and you don’t have one, don’t be tempted to embellish, as the truth will come out eventually. Honesty is always the best policy and the more upfront you are, the more trust the recruiter will have in you.

Ask Questions

The recruitment process is a two-way street, it is not just about what you can offer the employer, it is also important that the role and the company are right for you too. The initial call with the recruiter is the best time to clear up any details you are unsure about, so you can make a decision on whether it as an option you want to proceed with.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; the recruiter will expect you to want to find out more. If they don’t have the information at hand, they should be willing to get the answers for you.

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